Red Siren: Space Defense SWITCH REVIEW!

Red Siren: Space Defense is a a fast-action shooter game by indie developer, isTom Games. The title originally launched on iOS as a F2P game back in November of last year. I actually did a SNAPP Review of it back when it first released and absolutely loved the game. I was a bit excited when I first heard about the game releasing on the Switch as a paid game. So, does the game still hold up today?

As I said before, Red Siren is a side scrolling shooter. You play in a post apocalyptic future where the earth’s resources have all been depleted. With the support of civil society and modern robotics, private companies like Exacorp have ended up colonizing the surrounding planets and utilizing their natural resources. Since the new technology isn’t achievable by all, people have started building their own robots and looting planets. In response, Exacorp has created Red Siren. A combat squad to defend the company at all costs. This is where you come in.

The game plays out across many different planets. You are a lone pilot that has to defend your base from oncoming enemies. As you progress through each level, you are met with waves of tanks, mechs, battle raiders, and a few surprises. Enemies will come at you from the left and right while you determine which groups are a bigger threat.

Controls are so much better with actual physical joysticks. The left stick controls your ship, while the right stick is used for your best friend, the minigun. Later on, you’ll start using the trigger buttons for missiles, bombs, and your special weapons. These are all pretty easy to use while in combat. Because most of the time, you never let off of the joysticks.

You’ll earn cash after each level that can be used for new weapons, ships, and even upgrades. The currency feels so much more balanced this time around. With the original game being F2P (free to play), weapons and upgrades were far too expensive, so you either had to watch ads for cash or buy IAPs (in-app purchases). Although, I loved the iOS version, the game feels a lot less “grind-y” this time around.

Red Siren: Space Defense is an absolute blasty blast to play. It’s definitely the definitive version of the two (although I think there’s a PC version). I will say that the game looked a little better on the iPhone or iPad, but a lot of that is due to the Switch only supporting 720p in handheld mode. The textures just felt a bit muddy at times. Regardless, Red Siren runs and controls beautifully on the Switch. I really had a great time with this one. There isn’t much added to the game besides what I mentioned above if you’ve played the game before. But, with the updated controls and re-balanced currency system, it makes the game worth playing over.

NOEN (@hashtagNOEN)

A solid shooter worth replaying.

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