iOS Roundup! (February 3 to 9)

(The SNAPP Roundup is an ongoing daily article showcasing the noteworthy mobile games released on the App Store. Newly released iOS games are updated as soon as possible, so check back often.)

Goooooood morning/afternoon/evening or whenever the hell you are actually reading this! It’s a new release week on the App Store, so that means a brand spankin new SNAPP Roundup!

We’ve got a new look for the Roundup this week. This is kind of a “practice run”. I’m not 100% sure how things are going to run under the pressure, but everything worked well in testing while working on it over the weekend. I hope you all appreciate everything I do for you damnit!……Please love me?!

Anyway, we had a decent week on the App Store last week. There wasn’t a lot of big named games, but there were still some decent snuggets in there. Games like Blueprint of War and Too Close really got my juices flowing. If you missed anything, last week’s Roundup will still be there like a wet towel in the corner of the bathroom. So, let’s get this party started! Here’s this week’s all new iOS Roundup!

Disgaea 1 Complete
Games, Role Playing, Simulation, Entertainment$32.99iOS Universal

Faerie Solitaire
Games, Board, Entertainment, CardFreeiOS Universal

Legend of the cartoon
Games, Role Playing, SimulationFreeiOS Universal

Link not found.: (WP Applink)

Yama Medieval age fantasy SRPG
Games, Role Playing, StrategyFreeiOS Universal

Link not found.: (WP Applink)

Link not found.: (WP Applink)

Link not found.: (WP Applink)

Death Gate
Games, Puzzle, WordFreeiOS Universal

Games, Casual, PuzzleFreeiOS Universal

Link not found.: (WP Applink)

Link not found.: (WP Applink)

Zombie Sweeper: Action Puzzle
Games, Strategy, PuzzleFreeiOS Universal

Color Stairs !
Games, Entertainment, ActionFreeiOS Universal

Link not found.: (WP Applink)

Asteroid Crash
Games, ActionFreeiOS Universal

Link not found.: (WP Applink)

Tumble Wrestling
Games, Sports, CasualFreeiOS Universal

Link not found.: (WP Applink)

Trojan War: Warrior of Sparta
Games, Strategy, ActionFreeiOS Universal

Games, Adventure, Puzzle$2.99iOS Universal

LOVE Ladders
Games, Education, Puzzle, WordFreeiOS Universal

Gear for Heroes
Games, Board, StrategyFreeiOS Universal

Galactic Conflict 2: PvP RTS
Games, Entertainment, Strategy, ActionFreeiOS Universal

Link not found.: (WP Applink)

Slime Racing
Games, Racing, SimulationFreeiOS Universal

Dynasty War: Tower Defense
Games, Action, Strategy, EntertainmentFreeiOS Universal

Games, Entertainment, Role Playing, Puzzle$4.99iOS Universal

Untie the knots - Art of ropes
Games, Puzzle, CasualFreeiOS Universal

Labyrinth Legend
Games, Role Playing, ActionFreeiOS Universal

Monster TD : Treasure Defense
Games, Casual, StrategyFreeiOS Universal

The Tawashi
Games, Action$4.99iOS Universal

GamesFreeiOS Universal

Odd Eye.
Games, Puzzle, AdventureFreeiOS Universal

Link not found.: (WP Applink)

Link not found.: (WP Applink)

Dr. Trolley's Problem
Games, Casual, SimulationFreeiOS Universal

Link not found.: (WP Applink)

Games, Role Playing, Action$7.99iOS Universal

Link not found.: (WP Applink)

Bridge Strike
Games, Adventure, Lifestyle, ActionFreeiOS Universal

Sushi Factory - Slide Puzzle
Games, Entertainment, Puzzle, BoardFreeiOS Universal

Cookies Must Die
Games, Casual, ActionFreeiOS Universal

Games, Action, RacingFreeiOS Universal

Balloon Store
Games, Simulation, StrategyFreeiOS Universal

Spell Heroes - Tower Defense
Games, StrategyFreeiOS Universal

Games, Role PlayingFreeiOS Universal

Link not found.: (WP Applink)

Unknown Knights
Games, Role Playing, Strategy$2.99iOS Universal

Hi-Ball Rush: Pong Skill game
Games, Adventure, ActionFree

all the way over
Games, Casual, AdventureFreeiOS Universal

Mighty Aphid
Games, Action, Adventure$1.99iOS Universal

Dice Dreams™
Games, Casual, BoardFree

Early Worm
Games, Puzzle, AdventureFreeiOS Universal

Stargate - Swerve and Survive
Games, Casual, AdventureFreeiOS Universal

Dang! I Got Too Many Dang Gems
Games, Puzzle, ActionFreeiOS Universal

Melbits World
Games, Puzzle, Casual$2.99iOS Universal

Circuit Dude
Games, Puzzle, Strategy, Entertainment$2.99iOS Universal

SEN: Seven Eight Nine
Games, Puzzle, Music, Music$2.99iOS Universal

GamesFreeiOS Universal

Mr. Runner X
Games, EntertainmentFreeiOS Universal

Voodoo Ranger: Starship
Games, Action, Food & DrinkFree

Toilet Boss
Games, CasualFreeiOS Universal

Mission Unthinkable - Top Gun
Games, Action, AdventureFreeiOS Universal

Draw Hit
GamesFreeiOS Universal

Food Gang
Games, Casual, ActionFreeiOS Universal

Bad Bridge
Games, Puzzle, Simulation, EntertainmentFreeiOS Universal

Link not found.: (WP Applink)

Link not found.: (WP Applink)

Games, Puzzle, Strategy$1.99iOS Universal

Link not found.: (WP Applink)

Tiny Blade - Dark Slayer
Games, Entertainment, Action, AdventureFreeiOS Universal

Cookie Tower Challenge
Games, Entertainment, Puzzle, CasualFreeiOS Universal

Link not found.: (WP Applink)

Drift & Destroy
GamesFreeiOS Universal

Link not found.: (WP Applink)

Link not found.: (WP Applink)

Link not found.: (WP Applink)

The Hero Stopped Traveling
Games, Role Playing, Adventure, EntertainmentFreeiOS Universal

She-Ra Gems of Etheria
Games, Family, Puzzle, EntertainmentFreeiOS Universal

ZTD - Zombie Tower Defense
Games, Strategy, ActionFreeiOS Universal

Retro Pinball Arcade Flipper
Games, Casual, Action$0.99

Link not found.: (WP Applink)


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