Guns and Spurs 2 iOS SNAPP REVIEW!

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I remember writing about the original Guns and Spurs game when Frozen Lake Games released it on the App Store back in 2017 and I remember really liking it. It was a charming little open-world game with some solid controls. Well, the Old West is back with Guns and Spurs 2! You take on the role of a bounty hunter named Jack Lane as he captures outlaws in a new town. In true sequel form, Guns and Spurs 2 takes everything from the first game and turns it up a notch. The visuals are more realistic this time around and the world around you is more detailed. Besides chasing bad guys, you can roam around and find side missions, you can race horses, herd cattle, and a bunch more. You can also buy new weapons, customize your character and horse with new clothes, and even buy houses with the money you make from bounties. Guns and Spurs 2 may not be perfect. The world can seem a little bare at times and the shooting takes a bit getting used to. But, it’s still just as charming as the first game. It’s a big task to take on creating an open-world game like this and I think the developer did an excellent job.

‎Guns and Spurs 2
Price: Free+

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