iOS Roundup! (April 19 to 25)

(The SNAPP Roundup is an ongoing daily article showcasing the noteworthy mobile games released on the App Store. Newly released iOS games are updated as soon as possible, so check back often.)

Goooooood morning/afternoon/evening or whenever the hell you are actually reading this! It’s a new release week on the App Store, so that means a brand spankin new SNAPP Roundup!

We definitely had a better week for new iOS games last week! With big releases like Northgard and SaGa Frontier Remastered, to smaller ones like Ayuda and Day Repeat Day. Of course, there’s plenty more gems in last week’s Roundup if you missed anything. So, let’s get this party started! Here’s an all new iOS Roundup!

Tap Knight : Dragon's Attack
Games, Role Playing, ActionFreeiOS Universal

Link not found.: (WP Applink)

Little Dave's World
Games, Adventure, ActionFreeiOS Universal

Unknown Fate
Games, Adventure, Puzzle$3.99iOS Universal

Dig Dig Mole
Games, Adventure, ActionFreeiOS Universal

Games, Simulation, AdventureFreeiOS Universal

Maristella : star of sea
Games, Adventure$1.99iOS Universal

Terminal Madness Point&Click
Games, Adventure, Entertainment, Puzzle$1.99iOS Universal

Link not found.: (WP Applink)

Firestrike Tactics
Games, Strategy, SimulationFree

Mazematize - Maze Games
Games, Puzzle, Entertainment, ActionFreeiOS Universal

Monsters 'N Trucks Classic
Games, Racing, Action, Entertainment$4.99iOS Universal

RACE infinity
Games, Action, Racing, EntertainmentFreeiOS Universal

Pistes of Fury
Games, Casual, ActionFreeiOS Universal

Elona Mobile
Games, Adventure, Role PlayingFreeiOS Universal

Link not found.: (WP Applink)

Machinika Museum
Games, Puzzle, Entertainment, AdventureFreeiOS Universal

Hidden Expedition: The Secret
Games, Entertainment, Puzzle, AdventureFreeiOS Universal

Suspects: Mystery Mansion
Games, Entertainment, Action, StrategyFreeiOS Universal

Link not found.: (WP Applink)

Games, Books, Puzzle, Word$0.99iOS Universal

Link not found.: (WP Applink)

Link not found.: (WP Applink)

Link not found.: (WP Applink)

Miners Settlement: Idle RPG
Games, Adventure, SimulationFreeiOS Universal

Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus
Games, Action, Strategy$8.99

Geneforge 1 - Mutagen HD
Games, Strategy, Role Playing$9.99

1 Adventure
Games, Action, Role PlayingFreeiOS Universal

Tender: Creature Comforts
Games, Simulation, Role Playing$3.99iOS Universal

Mystery Match Village
Games, Casual, PuzzleFreeiOS Universal

Climb Fling
Games, Entertainment, Sports, CasualFreeiOS Universal

Link not found.: (WP Applink)

Core Defense
Games, Casual, StrategyFreeiOS Universal

KickOff in the Sky
Games, Sports, Casual, SportsFreeiOS Universal

Rolling Much
Games, Casual, ActionFreeiOS Universal

Fallen of the Round
Games, Strategy, Board, Entertainment$2.99iOS Universal

Link not found.: (WP Applink)

Shouty Heads
Games, Action, CasualFreeiOS Universal

Raising Infinite Sword
Games, Adventure, CasualFreeiOS Universal

Jack Rope´s Running
Sports, Sports, Games, Simulation$1.99

Link not found.: (WP Applink)

Strange Attractors Mobile
Games, Puzzle, ActionFreeiOS Universal

Link not found.: (WP Applink)

Golf Strike
Games, Sports, Simulation, SportsFreeiOS Universal

Cat Spa
Games, Family, Entertainment, TriviaFreeiOS Universal

Link not found.: (WP Applink)

Link not found.: (WP Applink)

Link not found.: (WP Applink)

DDHeroes - Dragon Dungeon Hero
Games, Adventure, Entertainment, StrategyFreeiOS Universal

MeiQi Chapter 37
Games, Puzzle, Word, Books$0.99iOS Universal

Glow Course
Games, Action, Music, StrategyFreeiOS Universal

Camp Defense
Games, StrategyFreeiOS Universal

Link not found.: (WP Applink)


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