iOS Roundup! (August 2 to 8)

(The SNAPP Roundup is an ongoing daily article showcasing the *noteworthy* mobile games released on the App Store. Newly released iOS games are updated as soon as possible, so check back often.)

Goooooood morning/afternoon/evening or whenever the hell you are actually reading this! It’s a new release week on the App Store, so that means a brand spankin new SNAPP Roundup!

Welp. Looks like the month is already over. July ended up being a pretty solid month for new iOS games. Normally the Summer months are fairly slow. Fingers crossed that August is just as good. Anyway, let’s get this week started! Here’s an all new SNAPP Roundup!!

Riverside Merge - Build a City
Games, Puzzle, CasualFreeiOS Universal

8 Bit Fighters VS
Games, Action, AdventureFreeiOS Universal

Visitors from Catsmos
EntertainmentFreeiOS Universal

World War Slime - Idle Defense
Games, Adventure, SimulationFreeiOS Universal

Hybris Run
Games, Casual, AdventureFree

Link not found.: (WP Applink)

Way Out Puzzle Game
Games, Board, PuzzleFreeiOS Universal

Link not found.: (WP Applink)

TL Travelers
Games, Strategy, Entertainment, Card$0.99iOS Universal

Games, Board, Strategy$4.99iOS Universal

Meridian 157: Chapter 3
Games, Adventure, Puzzle, Entertainment$2.99iOS Universal

Mini Blaster
Games, Action, CasualFreeiOS Universal

Barrel gun
Games, Entertainment, Casual, ActionFreeiOS Universal

Cat Dog Adventure Casual RPG
Games, Role Playing, CasualFree

Neighbours back From Hell
Games, Puzzle, Action$4.99iOS Universal

Link not found.: (WP Applink)

Link not found.: (WP Applink)

Squirreled Away
Games, Casual, Puzzle$0.99iOS Universal

Games, Casual, RacingFree

Anime School Basketball Dunk
Games, Entertainment, Sports, CasualFreeiOS Universal

Cryptid Aquarium
Games, Simulation, Family, EntertainmentFreeiOS Universal

Power Racers
Games, Casual, RacingFree

Games, Action, CasualFreeiOS Universal

Games, CasualFree

Grim RPG
Games, Role Playing, SimulationFreeiOS Universal

Games, Casual, AdventureFree

Games, Puzzle, AdventureFreeiOS Universal

Port City: Ship Tycoon Builder
Games, Entertainment, Strategy, SimulationFreeiOS Universal

Sushi Flip
Games, Lifestyle, Puzzle, Casual$2.99iOS Universal

Drift Arena Ultimate
Games, Racing, Sports, Sports$5.99iOS Universal

VirusX Expansion
Games, EducationFreeiOS Universal

Kitty Cat Resort
Games, Simulation, CasualFreeiOS Universal

My Time at Portia
Games, Simulation, Entertainment, Role Playing$7.99iOS Universal

Heromania: Quest for Glory
Games, Action, Role PlayingFree

My Friend Pedro
Games, Action, AdventureFreeiOS Universal

Clash of Cats - Battle Arena
Games, Strategy, ActionFreeiOS Universal

Link not found.: (WP Applink)

Kung fu Supreme
Games, Casual, SimulationFree

Fatal Funnel
Games, Action, StrategyFreeiOS Universal

Link not found.: (WP Applink)

Link not found.: (WP Applink)

Link not found.: (WP Applink)

F-Sim|Space Shuttle 2
Games, Education, Racing, Simulation$4.99iOS Universal

Link not found.: (WP Applink)

Super StickmanRPG
Games, Simulation, Role PlayingFreeiOS Universal

Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead 0.F
Games, Role Playing$3.99iOS Universal

Legends of the Dark
Games, Entertainment, Role Playing, BoardFreeiOS Universal

Grow Balls - Purrfect Peas
Games, Puzzle, CasualFreeiOS Universal

House Haunters
Games, StrategyFreeiOS Universal

BL0CK Chain Lite
Games, Board, Puzzle, EntertainmentFreeiOS Universal

Link not found.: (WP Applink)

Nova Island
Games, Card, StrategyFreeiOS Universal

Super Boxing Championship!
Games, Simulation, SportsFreeiOS Universal

Sky Combat: Planes PVP Online
Games, Simulation, ActionFree

Orb Heroes
GamesFreeiOS Universal

Clock Out!!
Games, ActionFreeiOS Universal

Cat Kindergarten
Games, Simulation, CasualFreeiOS Universal

The Last Saviors
Games, Adventure, ActionFreeiOS Universal

Link not found.: (WP Applink)

Kyle's Dogfight
Games, CasualFreeiOS Universal

Link not found.: (WP Applink)


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