iOS Roundup! (October 10 to 16)

(The SNAPP Roundup is an ongoing daily article showcasing the *noteworthy* mobile games released on the App Store. Newly released iOS games are updated as soon as possible, so check back often.)

Goooooood morning/afternoon/evening or whenever the hell you are actually reading this! It’s a new release week on the App Store, so that means a brand spankin new SNAPP Roundup!

Here we are again on another new release week. Things have been picking up a little for new iOS games. Especially if you have Apple Arcade and/or Netflix. Last week had some pretty solid games. Anyway, let’s get this party started. Here’s this week’s all new iOS Roundup!

Puzzle&Sword Dungeon RPG PZL
Games, Puzzle, Role PlayingFreeiOS Universal

Myths of Moonrise
Games, Role Playing, StrategyFreeiOS Universal

Lost in Infinity
Games, Simulation, AdventureFreeiOS Universal

Guardian Maia Ep 2
Games, Adventure, EntertainmentFreeiOS Universal

Unhappy Raccoon
Games, Action, Role PlayingFreeiOS Universal

Games, Adventure, Puzzle, EntertainmentFree

Kraino Origins
Games, Adventure, Action, Entertainment$1.99iOS Universal

Tin platformer
Games, Casual, Entertainment, Puzzle$349.99

Earth Inc.
Games, Simulation, StrategyFreeiOS Universal

Cycle Extreme
Games, Sports, RacingFreeiOS Universal

Bullet Hell Online
Games, Action, CasualFreeiOS Universal

Furball Over The Front: 1938
Games, Action, Entertainment, Simulation$0.99iOS Universal

Hopper Rabbit: New Dimension
Games, Entertainment, Action, CasualFreeiOS Universal

Scurvy Dogs
Games, Strategy, Action, EntertainmentFreeiOS Universal

Eerie - Find the Odd One Out
Games, Puzzle, Casual$1.99

Link not found.: (WP Applink)

Filbo - Chill Puzzle Game
Games, Puzzle, CasualFree

Play Golf Game
Games, PuzzleFreeiOS Universal

Games, Action$3.99iOS Universal

Retro Abyss
Games, Action, Casual, EntertainmentFreeiOS Universal

JetPack Rocket Rider
Games, Casual, ActionFreeiOS Universal

Games, Role PlayingFreeiOS Universal

Kingpin Underworld
Games, Role Playing, StrategyFreeiOS Universal

Torchlight: Infinite
Games, Action, Role PlayingFreeiOS Universal

Gloomy Tales: Nightmares
Games, Puzzle, Entertainment, AdventureFreeiOS Universal

Homeworld Mobile
Games, Strategy, AdventureFreeiOS Universal

Stick Infinite Kingdom
Games, Action, StrategyFreeiOS Universal

Umi 8 Bits
Games, Action, FamilyFree

Super Robot Gallery Arcade
Games, Adventure, ActionFree

Roach Rage: Extermination
Games, Action, CasualFreeiOS Universal

Games, Casual, Action, Entertainment$3.99iOS Universal

The Legacy 3 CE
Games, Puzzle, Adventure, Entertainment$6.99iOS Universal

Royal Romances: Episode 1
Games, Puzzle, Entertainment, AdventureFreeiOS Universal

Zombie Waves-shooting game
Games, Casual, AdventureFreeiOS Universal

Take That
Games, Action, Adventure$1.99iOS Universal

Road Trip USA 2 - West
Games, Puzzle, CasualFreeiOS Universal

Transport Tycoon Empire: City
Games, Simulation, StrategyFreeiOS Universal

Link not found.: (WP Applink)

Games, Casual, Entertainment, PuzzleFreeiOS Universal

Airport Simulator: First Class
Games, Strategy, SimulationFreeiOS Universal

Robots Strike Back
Games, Action, AdventureFree

Fight With Pets
Games, CasualFreeiOS Universal

Ninja Stuntman Climb
Games, Action, CasualFreeiOS Universal

Tension Tunnel
Games, Action, CasualFreeiOS Universal

Heroic Fates
Games, Role Playing, ActionFreeiOS Universal

Pixel Tribe
Games, Role Playing, Strategy, EntertainmentFreeiOS Universal

Nightmare Highway
Games, Action, Adventure, EntertainmentFreeiOS Universal

The Legacy 3 CE
Games, Puzzle, Adventure, Entertainment$6.99iOS Universal

Turret Craft
Games, Strategy, CasualFreeiOS Universal

Bus Simulator
Games, Casual, Simulation$3.99iOS Universal

Marching Band Simulator
Games, Music, Simulation$2.99iOS Universal


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