iOS Roundup! (October 31 to November 6)

(The SNAPP Roundup is a daily article showcasing the *noteworthy* mobile games released on the App Store. Newly released iOS games are updated as soon as possible, so check back often.)

Goooooood morning/afternoon/evening or whenever the hell you are actually reading this! It’s a new release week on the App Store, so that means a brand spankin new SNAPP Roundup!

We had another pretty good week on the App Store last week! If you missed anything, be sure to check out last week’s Roundup! As for this week, let’s get this party started! Here’s a spooky new iOS Roundup!

Traha Global
Games, Role Playing, ActionFreeiOS Universal

Outcasts of Dungeon Epic Magic
Games, Utilities, Action, Role Playing$3.99iOS Universal

ARIDA: Backland's Awakening
Games, Education, Adventure$1.99iOS Universal

Games, Adventure$4.99iOS Universal

ZOMBIE HUNTER: Offline Games
Games, Action, AdventureFreeiOS Universal

Merge To Slay
Games, Adventure, PuzzleFreeiOS Universal

Games, Casual, Entertainment, AdventureFree

Rooms of Dread
Games, Adventure, ActionFree

Escape From Crimson Manor Ep.2
Games, Adventure, Puzzle, Entertainment$2.99iOS Universal

Link not found.: (WP Applink)

Gold Town
Games, Simulation, CasualFreeiOS Universal

Link not found.: (WP Applink)

Assault Fighter
Games, Entertainment, Adventure, CasualFreeiOS Universal

Link not found.: (WP Applink)

Link not found.: (WP Applink)

Alien Shooting - Space Force
Games, Action, Entertainment, AdventureFreeiOS Universal

Link not found.: (WP Applink)

Link not found.: (WP Applink)

Link not found.: (WP Applink)

Billion: Block Chain Puzzle
Games, Puzzle, Entertainment, CasualFreeiOS Universal

Link not found.: (WP Applink)

Shred City
Sports$0.99iOS Universal

Viking Gods - Idle Tap Game
Games, Strategy, SimulationFreeiOS Universal

GLOOMY's RR Adventure
Games, Casual, FamilyFreeiOS Universal

Creatures of the Deep
Games, Adventure, Sports, SportsFreeiOS Universal

SEOUL Apocalypse: Stylish RPG
Games, Role Playing, Entertainment, SimulationFreeiOS Universal

Dark City: Budapest (F2P)
Games, Entertainment, Adventure, PuzzleFreeiOS Universal

The Past Within
Games, Puzzle, Adventure$2.99iOS Universal

Idle Fast Food Delivery Tycoon
Games, Simulation, StrategyFreeiOS Universal

Royal Romances: Episode 2
Games, Puzzle, Adventure, EntertainmentFreeiOS Universal

Interstellar Pilot 2
Games, Simulation, ActionFree

Motocross Chaos
Games, Racing, Sports, EntertainmentFreeiOS Universal

Games, Casual, ActionFreeiOS Universal

Skies of Chaos
Games, ActionFreeiOS Universal

Econia - earn NFT, crypto game
Games, Entertainment, Casual, SimulationFree

Tiger Evolution
Games, Entertainment, Casual, SimulationFreeiOS Universal

Traffico - Rush Hour
Games, Casual, Navigation, TriviaFreeiOS Universal

Mount and Magic
Games, CasualFreeiOS Universal

How to Say Goodbye
Games, Puzzle, Adventure$1.99iOS Universal
Games, Action, AdventureFreeiOS Universal

Chess Variants Battle Missions
Games, Board, StrategyFreeiOS Universal

Isle of Arrows – Tower Defense
Games, Strategy, Board$5.99iOS Universal

This is Hell
Games, Action$1.99iOS Universal

Link not found.: (WP Applink)

HerrAnwalt: Lawyers Legacy
Games, Adventure, ActionFreeiOS Universal

A Memoir Blue
Games, Family, Adventure$3.99iOS Universal

Link not found.: (WP Applink)

Jump Pi
Games, Adventure, CasualFreeiOS Universal

Link not found.: (WP Applink)

Games, Strategy, PuzzleFreeiOS Universal

Niteline - Tower Defense
Games, Action, Strategy, EntertainmentFree

B-17 Bomber Assault
Games, Casual, ActionFreeiOS Universal

Games, Entertainment, Casual, ActionFreeiOS Universal

Leaf Blower Revolution
Games, Casual, SimulationFreeiOS Universal

Cathode's Journey - Lite
Games, Casual, MusicFreeiOS Universal


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