Hyper Sentinel Review

Hyper Sentinel is a fast-paced, melt your face off, retro-style arcade SHMUP by Huey Games.

You know how the old story goes. There are 12 enormous “Super-Dreadnoughts” taking over the solar system and there is only one lone wolf Hyper Sentinel fighter left to save everything from chaos. That fighter is you of course. I played the hell out of this game on iOS and even did a SNAPP Review on it when it launched on the App Store. So, I was excited to see it on the Switch and actually play it with physical controls.

Hyper Sentinel feels like it’s straight out of the arcades of the 80’s. The pixel art is beautifully chunky and the soundtrack is perfect. So, each level has you flying over one of these Super Dreadnoughts. You’ll need to shoot down it’s dozens of defenses while trying not to get shot down by cannons and enemy fighter jets. Once it’s defense is down, you’ll be met with another wave of stronger enemies. Each level is pretty much one long boss fight and it has to be done all in one shot.

I will say that Hyper Sentinel can be a bit on the tough side for casual gamers. I’m not saying the game is impossible, but definitely be prepared to die a lot. Luckily, there are plenty of power-ups to help you along the way. So, each time you try, it feels a bit different depending on what power-ups you’re able to pick up.

Hyper Sentinel is a beautiful love letter to the classics. It may feel a bit short, but with the Survival and Boss Run Modes, 60 medals to collect, and even the multiple graphics options added, it makes the whole package worth the purchase.


A beautiful love letter to classic shooters.

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