XIII remake is coming to the Switch!

Those of you who don’t know what XIII is, it’s a cell-shaded first-person shooter that released back in 2003 on the PS3, XBOX, and GameCube. It was actually really good for its time.

This was the description of the game back in 2003.

The President of the United States has been assassinated. The day this happened, you woke up on a beach with no memory, and the Roman numeral XIII tattooed across your chest. Your only clue is the key to a safe deposit box in New York. You’ll journey there to learn who you are — and discover the hideous truth about a massive conspiracy.

The game must have done fairly well because it’s being remade for current gen! The remake is being done by Microids and PlayMagic and is slated to release this November. So, we’ve still got a little while to wait. I’m sure more information will be popping up from now until then.


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