Nintendo on “Penis Patrol”

Aaaaand of course. We all KNEW this was going to happen!!

With Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s most recent update giving the ability to upload user-generated levels, Nintendo has been vigorously deleting content they deem “offensive”.

There’s always going to be assholes out there putting up sexist or racist stuff just to get a rise out of people. What I found interesting is that most of the content deleted were penises. You give ANYONE a chance to draw or create something that the public is going to see, 9 times out of 10, it’s going to be a penis. Hell, I’m guilty of it myself! I’m almost positive if I had Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, my first stage would be a penis stage. It’s just science.

So, if you’re looking for a good penis stage, you might be out of luck. Nintendo has been coming down hard on people putting up these offensive stages. (Ugh. This whole article is one big penis joke.) Unfortunately, penis stages are coming out faster than they can knock them down. I’m guessing Nintendo will have some sort of blocker on certain keywords in the next update.

@hashtagNOEN (slow morning)

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