Hell Is Other Demons Review!

Hell Is Other Demons is a pixel art shooter with a name that I still can’t figure out. Is Hell full of other demons? Are demons in places other than Hell? Is Hell full of demons other than……..You know what. Let’s get to the game.

As I sad, Hell Is Other Demons is a shooter game. You play as a demon that’s out to kill other demons…… WAIT! I think I get the title now!! Your personal Hell is fighting other demons?!? Anyway, the game plays like an arena shooter. Each level you are met with a certain number of waves of enemies. Your job it to survive through it anyway you can. Of course, each level you progress gets tougher with more waves.

It took me a few to get used to things. You can only shoot left and right (at first) and enemies come from all sides. I was getting frustrated having to line up my shots with everything. Then I started using the dash and jump buttons. That’s where the action is at. HIOD is almost like a souped up version of Downwell. You can kill enemies by jumping on them as well as shooting. This changed a lot for me! I was jumping, shooting, and dashing my way through each level with barely even touching the ground! I’m telling ya, this game makes you feel like a total bad ass!

HIOD is absolutely packed with content also! The campaign is absolutely huge with tons of levels and shops to purchase new weapons and upgrades. There’s also endless levels to unlock and grind for high scores or money and the bosses are absolutely over-the-top and fun to play. And this is just the Campaign!!

I did have some frame rate issues and a couple levels that slowed down so much that I was having a bit of trouble finishing the levels. It had only happened a couple times when there was a ton going on at once and still happened when I replayed the levels. Regardless, it was something I completely forgot about once I moved onto the next level.

I honestly can’t recommend Hell Is Other Demons enough!! The visuals and art design are hellishly beautiful and the heavy soundtrack had my blood pumping while downing demons. There is so much to do and see in this game. I haven’t even broke the surface on the Campaign! If you’re a fan of shooters, this game NEEDS to be in your library.


An absolute blasty blast through Hell!

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