I never played the original Bleed game that was released on the eShop back at the end of 2017. I just jumped right into the sequel for some reason. So, I was a bit worried that I’d be lost when it came to the story. Luckily, Bleed 2 is more action than story.

In the first game, the main heroine, Wryn had killed off all the other heroes in the world for some reason. This left her protecting the entire world by herself. So, when a mysterious man and his alien horde decide to threaten the planet, she’s on her own to fight back.

Bleed 2 is kind of a mashup of a dual-stick shooter and a platformer game. The left stick moves Wryn left and right, while the right stick fires your weapon in 360 degrees. Next to your pistols, you have your trusty katana that can be used for close combat and blocking projectiles. You also have a button to slow down time for a short burst. I didn’t think this move was necessary until I got around the 3rd level or so when things started really ramping up.

One thing Bleed 2 does a really good job at is bringing the action. Rarely do you find yourself standing still. You are constantly on the move and pulling double duty. Whether you’re jumping from platform to platform, dodging projectiles or gliding, you’re doing it all while shooting at something or someone. The game has a way of making you feel like a total badass at the end of each level.

The one problem I had was that there wasn’t enough of the game. The campaign is only 7 levels. Now, don’t get me wrong. They are 7 long levels filled with tons of boss battles and mini-bosses. I just wish there was a little more. There are different weapons and characters they you can unlock, but only after you’ve beaten the game on different difficulties. There are also 3 different modes besides the campaign, so it’s not like Bleed 2 doesn’t have content. I just would have liked to have had a variety of weapons or ammo to pick up during the campaign.

Regardless, Bleed 2 is a great experience. The visuals and level design are outstanding. Bootdisk Revolution did an excellent job at making each level feel completely different from the last. The controls are buttery smooth and made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I just wish there was a tiny bit more of everything.

An action-packed experience that ends too soon.

NOEN (@hashtagNOEN)

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