Price ATTACK! Burnstar

Last year’s action-puzzle game by Nerve Software is currently on sale for 90% off right now!

Burnstar released on July 2nd of last year on the Switch. I’m guessing Gearbox is throwing an anniversary sale seeing how today is July 2nd and all. I’m not sure if it’s just a 1 day sale or not, so make sure to get it now while the sale it HOT! (Heh, a burn joke.)

Burn Stuff. Save the World.

Burnstar is a challenging, fast paced action-puzzle game that will get your brain blistering and set your fingers aflame!

Use your explosives and powers to cause maximum damage to worksites of Evil Inc., an appropriately named corporation intent on ruining the homeland of Burnstar and his friends. Blaze your own trail, or play co-op for some friendly fire!

Play through 80 levels as four distinct characters, each with unique abilities, to cause chain reactions and turn Evil Inc.’s machinery against itself. Only the best armchair arsonists will have what it takes to save your homeland!

Find the fastest path to complete conflagration to unlock secret stages, climb the leaderboards, and smoke the competition.

Taking on challenges with a friend has never been easier with the Switch Joy-Con controllers. Try out different combinations of characters to see how to best burn down each level!

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