Riddled Corpses EX SWITCH REVIEW!

I don’t know what it is about killing zombies, but they are just so damn fun shoot at! Yes, we’re talking about another zombie shooter and I don’t care who hears me!

Riddled Corpses EX just released on the eShop back in March by indie developer, Diabolical Mind under the COWCAT Games umbrella. It’s a dual-stick shooter about killing zombies….Honestly, that’s about it. There’s a quick story in the beginning with the usual story. There’s some sort of zombie apocalypse and you, as a survivor need to help save the world. Yea, it’s a story, but who actually plays these type of games for the story?

First, I’ll say that this game definitely has its faults. The pixel art is done well, but it’s also fairly generic. Most of the zombies on the screen all look the same and tend to get clumped together when there’s a bunch on the screen. The soundtrack consists of 2 versions of the same chiptune track. It’s not bad, but definitely gets to you after hearing it for a couple hours.

The biggest thing (and this may turn some people off) is that Riddled Corpses EX is an absolute grindfest. Each level consists of multiple waves of enemies. You’ll only last a minute or two on your first run. Once you die, you’ll need to upgrade your character with the money that you earned from the previous run and then start over. You’ll have to start over from the beginning after every run until you pass the first area. So, you’re playing the same waves over and over and just getting a little bit further each time. This starts to get really repetitive once the upgrades start getting expensive and you need to play several games just to earn enough money for one upgrade.

With all that being said, Riddled Corpses EX is still a lot of fun for some reason! There’s something so satisfying about mowing down wave after wave of pixel art zombies! Especially once you unlock the second character with the gold magnet. It’s a shame because this game could have been so much better if it had a few fixes. This is one of those games that are worth picking up on sale. It’s not a bad game, but it’s not something that going to pull you in for hours at a time. If you’re a fan of dual-stick shooter and don’t mind the grind, Riddled Corpses EX is definitely a great time killer.

Don’t mind the grind.

NOEN (@hashtagNOEN)

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