Price ATTACK: In Between

Here we are with another BIG sale on a great indie game! Today’s Price Attack is on GentlyMad’s hit puzzler, In Between!

In Between released a while back on PC, then made its way over to mobile. It finally hit the eShop last summer and has had a few sales since then. This is the first time I’ve seen it at 92% off though. I played the game when it launched on iOS and absolutely loved it. The artwork is amazing and the level design is pretty unique. For $0.95 USD, the game is a steal! A STEAL I TELL YA!!

In Between is an atmospheric, award-winning platformer where you solve mind-bending puzzles by manipulating your surroundings and gravity itself.

In Between is set inside the mind of a man hit by a cruel twist of fate. Together you are on a journey through the protagonist’s head, a world that doesn’t obey the laws of physics. Free your mind and defy gravity in more than 60 compelling and unique puzzles, requiring all your wits and agility.

As you follow the protagonist stumbling through the stages of accepting his own mortality, new mechanics are introduced. Each stage offers unique gameplay reflecting the emotions that surface when the protagonist copes with his fate.

Every human has a story to tell. But you never know when the story ends. Be invited to learn about the protagonist’s life and his struggle for a happy ending. In Between features interactive story sequences and a profound narrator immersing you into a life of downfalls and moments of happiness.

You can check out In Between on the eShop here.

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