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Walk Master is the second game from the indie team at Two Men and a Dog Games. (I was actually a huge fan of their first game, Zombie Catcher.) This time around, you are learning to walk on stilts. Walking is done with simple swipes on the screen. The concept is simple, but the execution is flawless. Just walking is a straight line is fun in itself, but of course, that can’t be just it. Walk Master has you trying to get through dark forests, farmland, and more. The game starts off simple with walking over ponds or balancing on haystacks and tires. Things really start to pick up when you hit the jungle and are dodging coconuts being thrown at you by monkeys. Walk Master is an absolute gem that fits perfectly on mobile. Two Men and a Dog did such a great job on this title. The game looks beautiful and plays in portrait or landscape. Plus, there’s a bunch of characters/accessories to unlock. If you’re a fan of casual games, Walk Master needs to be on your phone.

‎Walk Master
Price: Free+

NOEN (@hashtagNOEN)

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