Weekly Attack (July 15 to 21)

(The Weekly Attack is kind of a “heads-up” on what is coming up in the video game industry for the week.)

IT’S A BRAND NEW WEEK GLITCHES!! Time to see what new games are coming out this week!!

Last week turned out pretty good for mid-July with God Eater 3, Streets of Rogue, and a bunch more. This week looks a bit slower, but still not bad. Of course, the Nintendo Switch seems to be the big console again for new releases. The Switch has really become everyone’s go-to console for indies this generation. Anyway, here’s what to expect this week!!

MONDAY July 15

~No Releases~


The Sims 4: Island Living DLC (PlayStation 4, Xbox One)
Summer Catchers (PC)
Lost Orbit: Terminal Velocity (PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch)
Killsquad – Steam Early Access (PC)
Defend the Keep (PC)
Robo Instructus (PC)
Must Dash Amigos (Xbox One)
Let’s Sing 2019 (Nintendo Switch)
Distrust (Nintendo Switch)
Forklift: The Simulator (Nintendo Switch)


Gloomhaven – Steam Early Access (PC)
Tidal Tribe (PC)
Night Call (PC)
Let’s Go Nuts (Nintendo Switch)


Etherborn (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC)
Gabbuchi (PC, PS4)
Gorn (PS VR)
Fate Hunters – official launch (PC)
Horace (PC)
FIA European Truck Racing Championship (PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch)
Archlion Saga (Nintendo Switch)
World Cruise Story (Nintendo Switch)
Royal Roads (Nintendo Switch)
Battle & Crash (Nintendo Switch)
The Drama Queen Murder (Nintendo Switch)

FRIDAY July 19

Telefrag VR (Rift, Vive, PS VR)
Nowhere Prophet (PC)
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order (Nintendo Switch)
Mini Trains (Nintendo Switch)
Jim Is Moving Out (Nintendo Switch)
JumpHead: Battle4Fun! (Nintendo Switch)
Redeemer: Enhanced Edition (Nintendo Switch)
Astro Bears (Nintendo Switch)

(Any missed games or surprise releases will be updated ASAP.)

NOEN (@hashtagNOEN)

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