Price ATTACK! Mad Age & This Guy


Today’s big sale is on SimFabric’s puzzle/strategy game, Mad Age & This Guy! The game released earlier this year with fairly good reviews. It’s kind of a mix of Bomberman and a steampunk-style puzzle game. The game normally sells for $4.99, but you can get it this week for the low low price of $1.14!

Yes, you heard that right folks! Go out there and get your cheapskate on!!

This is the age of steam. This is the time of unprecedented technology development never seen before. This is the era of science, research, and inventions. However, this world has also another side, the side not everyone aware of. This world is full of mad scientists who plan to use modern technology for the evil purpose – they want to take over the world. But when evil and deception grow in strength, he will appear. He is the secret agent of an elite unit which has to make sure that the newest science inventions do not fall into the wrong hands.

Mad Age & This Guy is a dynamic arcade game that combines many elements from the best classic games you remember and love.

You will meet a lot of enemies on your way through the world of caves, ice and villain’s fortress. Be aware of robots driven by most advanced steam technology and dozens of various traps! Get back the stolen plans and make evil lose again!

You can check out Mad Age & This Guy on the eShop here.

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