Price ATTACK! Red and Green Games!


Today’s Price Attack is on not one, but TWO games! It’s Crazy Noen over here at SNAPP Motors and we’re practically giving games away!! In debt? NO PROBLEM! Bad credit? NO PROBLEM!! Come on by today and I’ll give you Red Game Without a Great Name and Green GameTimeswapper BOTH for $0.29 each!! These games normally run $2.99 a piece! So, come on down to SNAPP Motors before it’s too late!

Teleport yourself into the most hardcore game this fall.

Try to imagine a game simple in its basics, but demanding from the very first level, where everything might kill you. Even the camera and the main protagonist are against you as both of them constantly move forward. Add some barbed wire, spikes, and sawblades and you’ll get Red Game Without a Great Name. And in this game you will die a lot.

You are a master of time. You can set it to past, present and future.

Use this power to help a mechanical bird complete its extremely important mission of collecting the knowledge about a mysterious green world. This is not an easy task, as the bird moves on its own, and you cannot stop it. Control time to activate and deactivate various mechanisms, to make sure the bird reaches the cage without dying.

You can check out both games in the eShop here.

NOEN (@hashtagNOEN)

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