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Dying To See is a puzzle platformer by indie developer, Kewlieo Games. At its core, it’s a fairly straightforward side scroller. But, what makes this game unique is that the levels are revealed with your blood from past deaths. You start out each level in total darkness. As you stumble and run into traps, your blood splatters to reveal pieces of the level. So, everybrun, you’re getting a little bit further. The levels are randomly generated, so no two levels are the same. The description claims that there are over 1 billion different levels. So, I’m guessing replayability is fairly high. Dying To See is a fun little take on the platforming genre. The on-screen controls work fine enough and the level designs are actually pretty good. There’s also Daily Runs and unlockable characters/blood. So, if you’re a fan of platformers and looking for something a little different, Dying To See is definitely worth checking out.

‎Dying To See
Price: Free+

NOEN (@hashtagNOEN)

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