Price ATTACK! Koloro


Today’s Price ATTACK is on Qubic Game’s dreamlike puzzle-platformer, Koloro!

Koloro has had some pretty decent reviews since it released on the Switch last December. The game normally sells on the eShop for $9.99, but you can get it today for the VERY low price of $0.99!! We’re talking 90% off!! That is 10% less than 100% and 100% is FREE! So, you could say that Koloro is ALMOST free right now!

Between dreams and nightmares, Koloro tells the tale of a young pink hair girl named Kora who embarks on a quest to find her missing sister through a stunning Puzzle-Platformer.

Embrace a unique one-button gameplay, lovable characters, a wonderful art style and a captivating soundtrack.

Play the adventure alone or with a friend as a team in a cooperative mode. Once this is over, a hard mode will keep challenging you!

Do you have the courage to face the world of dreams and nightmares?

You can check out Koloro on the eShop here.

NOEN (@hashtagNOEN)

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