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Dead Cells is a roguelike-metroidvania action platformer that was developed by the indie team at Motion Twin and published on iOS under the Playdigious umbrella. You play as a failed alchemic experiment as you explore an ever-changing castle to try and find out what the heck happened on this island you’re on. I played the hell out of Dead Cells on the Nintendo Switch. So, I was intrigued to see how it would play on mobile. If you haven’t played it yet, Dead Cells is all about getting as far as you can before being killed, learning from your mistakes, and retrying. Rinse and repeat. The controls are the big question that’s on everyone’s mind though. Sure, you have quite a few on-screen buttons, but it actually works well. There’s an option for an auto-melee that I found to be a big help. Twin Motion did an excellent job with making the controls as customizable as possible. MFI controls work well too. I played on the Moga Rebel and it the game played pretty much flawlessly. Dead Cells is a beautiful game regardless of what platform you play on. The touchscreen controls may hold the game back a little, but not enough to keep you from enjoying it. Dead Cells on iOS is definitely worth your time……ALL your time!

‎Dead Cells
Price: $8.99+

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