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Stomped! is a side scrolling snowboarding game by Noodlecake that recently released on the App Store. Unlike a lot of games in the genre, this one is all about chaining together combos and finding your flow down hills. There’s 36 handcrafted levels across 6 different mountains with jumps, grinds, cliffs, and even lava?! Controls take a bit getting used to. The tricks themselves are easy to pull off, but there’s a lot of them to remember. That’s honestly my only issue. You are pretty much tapping and swiping non-stop throughout each run. There’s no time to just relax and enjoy the views. An endless-style mountain where you could just practice and pull off tricks at your own leisure would have been a cool addition. Regardless, Stomped! is a really solid snowboarding game. The cartoonish visuals are unique and the soundtrack is actually really good. With the 36 levels, plus several different challenges and characters to unlock, you’ll be playing for quite awhile. If you’re looking for new snowboarding game to play on mobile, Stomped! is one of the best out there!

Price: $2.99

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