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Ever since Apple Arcade first went live, I’ve debated on covering the games. Not that they aren’t good or anything. There’s some great games by some really cool developers on AA. I just know that the games on Apple Arcade are already getting a ton of press and probably don’t need the extra help. Plus, SNAPP Attack has always been about showcasing the under appreciated and overlooked. That being said, I still spend a portion of my time playing Apple Arcade games. So why not give you a heads-up on which games are good and which games are…..not so good?

Instead of doing full game reviews or even SNAPP Reviews, I’m just going to do a brief write up for each game. Most likely a couple sentences and a quick star rating. The beauty of Apple Arcade is that you can always just download the game for yourself. I’m just giving my HIGHLY respected and sexy opinion.

Sonic Racing (by SEGA)

I was on the fence for awhile with Sonic Racing. The visuals are beautiful and I love that the game is played in portrait-mode with one hand. Unfortunately, it looks like it was originally going to be a F2P game and was thrown on Apple Arcade at the last minute. So, there’s tons of grinding, random loot drops, and “wisp” collecting. Unless you’re a huge Sonic fan, you may want to skip over this one.

Skate City (by Snowman)

I absolutely love Skate City. I’ve been waiting for this to release since the original Skate Lines game. The visuals are beautiful and tricks are super easy to pull off. You can also upgrade your character and buy new tricks. With only 3 areas, I found myself wanting more after a couple of days of playing. Regardless, this is one of my favorite skateboarding games on the App Store now. Definitely worth checking out.

What the Golf? (by The Label)

What the Golf? Seriously, I can’t say enough good things about this game. I expected a goofy-ish golf game when I first fired it up, but the team at Triband outdid themselves. Every hole is like opening a birthday present. You have no clue what it’s going to be, but you know it’s going to be good. Even if you don’t like golf, this game is a must-play.

Sayonara Wild Hearts (by Annapurna Interactive)

I know that I’m going to catch a lot of heat for this one. I played all the way through Sayonara Wild Hearts and……it was fine. The visuals are cool, the music is good, and the story is well written. It honestly isn’t a bad game. It just went right through me though. I did feel like I was fighting with the controls throughout the entire game. They worked good enough to get me through it, but they weren’t comfortable. Like I said, Sayonara Wild Hearts isn’t a “bad” game. It just didn’t seem to live up to the hype that everyone was giving it.

Hot Lava (by Klei)

I was really looking forward to Hot Lava when I first saw it on Apple Arcade. The trailer and screenshots make it look so damn cool. Unfortunately, I just didn’t have much fun with it. Now, in my defense, I played on iPhone. I’m guessing that the game is a lot better on AppleTV with a controller. I didn’t like the gyroscope controls at all, so I tried the touch controls. They were definitely better, but I just couldn’t get the hang of it. With the game being in first-person, it’s tough to parkour and maneuver around when your thumbs are covering a big portion of the screen.

Speed Demons (by RadianGames)

I love me some Speed Demons. It’s fast, frantic, and absolutely beautiful to look at. RadianGames did an excellent job with keeping things fresh. The tracks are all randomly generated, while each event changes from things like Chase, Pursuit, Escape, and more. There’s also a bunch of cars that can be unlocked and upgraded. Speed Demons was the first game that I downloaded on Apple Arcade and it’s still on my device today.

Way of the Turtle (by Illusion Labs)

Way of the Turtle is a cute little adventure-platformer. It’s one of those games where the character is constantly moving and you need to steer them in the right direction by manipulating the world itself. The visuals are absolutely beautiful and the story is charming. Unfortunately, the game just didn’t have enough to keep me hooked. This is one of those games that I may go back to later on.

Spidersaurs (by WayForward)

Spidersaurs was one of the Apple Arcade launch games that I was most excited about. It’s got a great old-school Saturday morning cartoon vibe to it and it’s by Wayforward. Unfortunately, I just couldn’t get used to the controls. It’s got a weird 8 point auto-shooting scheme that’s done with swipes and I was constantly jumping when I was supposed to be shooting or visa versa. It’s a shame because the game is highly polished and has a great storyline. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for a control update.

Fallen Knight (by FairPlay)

Fallen Knight is a game that I really wanted to like. I love action-platformers and I love side scollers, so I was really hyping myself up on this game. Unfortunately, it’s just not that fun. It’s one of those games that are so challenging, that it ruins the experience. I found myself skipping past enemies just to make it through the level. It’s not a “bad” game. The controls all work the way they are supposed to and the visuals are nice. I just couldn’t get into the game.

Cricket Through the Ages (by Devolver Digital)

I did not expect to have as much fun with Cricket Through the Ages as I did. I actually held off on playing it for weeks. The game is kind of hard to explain. It’s a physics-based game that (somewhat) revolves around Cricket, but feels nothing like a sports game. (I know nothing about Cricket.) The controls are wonky in a good way and there’s quite a bit to unlock. I found myself laughing out loud quite a few times and I was playing by myself. It’s one of those games that need to be played to be appreciated.

Super Impossible Road (by Rogue Games)

Super Impossible Road is one of those games that kind of went right through me. There’s just so many of these kind of games on the App Store. Sure, it’s pretty to look at and it’s great not having to deal with IAPs like in most of these style of games, but I feel like I’ve played it so many times before. I will say that if you like these kinds of games, Super Impossible Road is the best one that I’ve played and would probably warrant a higher rating. It’s super fast and had me gripping my phone to stay on track. There just wasn’t enough there to keep me playing.

Dead End Job (by Headup Games)

I’ve had a lot of fun with Dead End Job. It’s one of the first games that I downloaded when Apple Arcade launched and I’m still playing around with it. It’s kind of a wacky Ghostbusters-style of game with a 90’s cartoons vibe. There’s tons of fart sounds and gross-out jokes that an immature adult like myself loves. My only issue is the controls. They work well enough, but feel really floaty for some reason. It’s hard to describe, but it drives me crazy when I’m playing. Regardless, it’s a really cool game with lots of polish.

UFO on Tape: First Contact (by Revolutionary Concepts)

UFO on Tape: First Contact is a tough one. On one hand, it’s beautiful to look at, the voice acting is well done, and I absolutely love the concept of catching UFO footage…….BUT, I’m not a fan of the controls. I understand that you’re supposed to be using your phone like a camera, but I just couldn’t get into the game with all the moving and twisting around. It’s a solid game if you don’t mind moving your phone around. I just couldn’t get past the controls.

Star Fetched (by Crescent Moon Games)

Star Fetched is a really cool game. The visuals look like they were ripped right out of a comic book and it’s even got a charming little story to it. What I really liked was that along with the action-platforming, there’s also some light crafting and even a bit of tower defense. There’s always something different going on to keep things fresh. The controls are simple enough with taps and swipes, but I would have really liked the option of having standard virtual buttons. It’s still a great game regardless.

Battlesky Brigade: Harpooner (by BattleBrew)

Battlesky Brigade: Harpooner is actually a fun little mashup of a SHMUP (shoot em’ up) and a fishing game. You’re basically shooting enemies as you’re traveling up, then once you run out of steam, you fall back to the ship, collecting coins on the way down. It’s a total grindfest, so the game definitely isn’t for everyone. It’s a lot of doing the same thing over and over, while getting a bit further every time. Still, it’s not that bad of a game.

Fledgling Heroes (by Subtle Boom)

Now, I really like Fledgling Heroes. It was one of the launch titles when Apple Arcade first came out and I still have it on my device. It’s got a ton of polish and the story is really well written. There’s several different birds to save, each with their own unique abilities and play styles. You can also change up the appearance of your birds, which I thought was a cute little addition. Honestly, the game feels like it could have been an animated movie with its cute cast of characters. Throw in a level editor, an endless mode, and even some mild racing, and you have yourself a solid title.

Punch Planet (by Block Zero)

Oooh, Punch Planet was a game that I was really excited about when I first saw it on Apple Arcade. I’ve been waiting for a “premium” fighting game with none of the F2P mechanics that we see in most fighting games on the App Store. Unfortunately, this game just doesn’t feel finished. There’s a story in the beginning, but no real campaign. It’s just fighting the same handful of characters in the same 4 stages. Also, the on-screen controls cover half the screen. I will say that the visuals look good and I really like the overall theme of the game. It has the ability to be a really cool game, it just needs to go back in the oven for a little bit longer.

Things That Go Bump (by Tinybop)

Things That Go Bump is a pretty unique game. I would have loved to see it as something other than a Battle Royale game. The visuals are absolutely beautiful, the controls work fairly well, and the premise is cool. I like how every match is so unpredictable. You never know what object you’re going to find laying around and how good or bad your combinations are going to work. It’s honestly a great little game. Unfortunately, I’m just burned out on the whole Battle Royale genre right now.

Congrats to all the developers and their teams that released a game on Apple Arcade!

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