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Cecconoid is an 8-bit twin-stick shooter by indie developer, Triple Eh?. Due to the starship Equinox being attacked by Stormlord and his minions, you are the crew’s last hope at survival. Story aside, Cecconoid is pretty unique. It’s actually two games in one. The main game, “Cecconoid” is almost a dual-stick shooter/metroidvania hybrid. You are flying your ship through corridors while dodging traps and trying to find an exit. “Eugatron” is more of an arena-based high-score chaser. Both games are absolutely beautiful with retro-style screen flickering and beautifully chunky pixel art. And the chiptune soundtracks really set the tone of the game/s. My biggest issue are the controls. They feel almost thrown in at the last minute. Yes, they work well enough, but I feel that there should have been a little more time put into them before release. Regardless, Cecconoid is still a great game. It’s a bit challenging at times, but still worth picking up.

Price: $1.99

NOEN (@hashtagNOEN)

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