SHAME of the Week: Pixel Dunk Star

SHAME of the Week is exactly what it reads. The shaming of a game (not developer) for whatever reasons that may be. This could be anything from clones, quick cash-grabs, rip-offs, etc.

This is the first game in our brand spanking new series here at SNAPP. And boy does it fit perfectly!

Pixel Dunk Star plunked onto the App Store earlier this week. First thing that caught my handsome blue eyes was the fact that it looks awfully like the original Dunkers game by indie developer, Colin Lane. And when I say that the game “looks awfully like”, I mean it’s almost an exact copy. The visuals, the controls, the entire concept. The only difference is a couple of changes of character designs………Then I decided to download the game.

Once you open up the app, you’re greeted with a dumpster fire filled with flashing lights and spinning wheels telling you to watch their ads. If that wasn’t enough for you, inside this game is 19 other games that could all be contenders for SOTW! Everything from “Protection Balloon”, to “Jumping Game”. Fire up any one of these 20 games and you’ll notice that ads pop up every minute or so mid-game. The whole app is pretty much an ad farm. Throw all this together and you have Pixel Dunk Star. This week’s SHAME of the Week!

‎Pixel Dunk Star
Price: Free+

NOEN (@hashtagNOEN)

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