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Mutatis is a portrait-mode SHMUP (shoot em’ up) by indie developers, Pedro Ferraz, Victor Pineles, Giovanni Severo, and Luiz Fernando Duarte. At first glance, Mutatis may look like your standard shooter, but it’s actually got some really unique mechanics. The game is constantly changing and transforming depending on what your phone is doing at the time. Playing at different times of day, the volume you are playing at, etc., all changes up the gameplay, color palettes, music, and even difficulty. You have to find these changes yourself too. There’s no tutorial telling you what does what. What I thought was kind of cool was when you hit the screenshot while playing, you can check out the stats of the enemies you “captured” in the options menu. I’ve been playing this game off and on all weekend and I’m still finding new stuff. Mutatis is a really unique concept wrapped in a pretty solid little shooter. It makes you actually want to play differently just to see what happens. If you’re a fan of SHMUPs or just want to play something different, definitely check this one out.

Price: Free

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