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Takashi is an action/fighting game that recently released on the App Store by the team at Horizon Games. You play as Takashi, a mentor to the King’s military. Unfortunately, the king has been corrupted and Takashi must fight against him. I’m actually really enjoying this game so far. It’s definitely not perfect. There’s a fair share of invisible walls and the controls are a bit loose. But, you tend to look over all of that once you start playing. The game does a great job with the fighting aspect. I wasn’t sure at first. You have a stamina gauge that wears down as you attack that I didn’t care for. But, with that gauge in play, it forces you to counter and be on the defensive rather than just mashing buttons. The more I play Takashi, the more I really appreciate it. It feels a lot like some of the PS2 era games that I played back in the day. There’s a great mixture of gameplay with stealth combat, boss battles, platforming, and some mild RPG elements. The ads can be a bit annoying and pop up at weird times, so I highly recommend getting rid of them. Either way, Takashi is a blast to play once you sink a little time into it.

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