You’re Fired! Job Simulator iOS SNAPP REVIEW!

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Aaaaaahhhh!! I’m having flashbacks to when I was a teenager working the register at K-Mart!! You’re Fired! Job Simulator! is a pixel art high-score chaser arcade game that was recently released on the App Store by indie developer, Marco Kraph. This is one of those games that I almost passed up. I thought it was going to be just another hyper-casual game with no heart to it. Turns out, it’s actually really good! You play as a new cashier as you try and scan groceries that are constantly coming down the conveyor belt. If that wasn’t tough enough, you’ll also have things that won’t ring up and you’ll have to enter the code in manually. You’ll also have rats that will run across the food and shake things up. Rats act almost as a currency. You can use them to buy new cosmetics. You’re Fired! is a charming little game. Each employee has their own little backstory, there’s tons of items to unlock each with their own unique prices. The game of course isn’t perfect. GameCenter seems to be broken at the moment. Regardless, You’re Fired! is a fun little game with a lot more depth than I expected.

You're Fired! Job Simulator!
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