Coffee & Swiping: Corona Bologna

(Coffee & Swiping is a random news-y/blogg-y article about the gaming industry and everything in between. It’s basically an excuse for Noen to ramble on about anything and everything that has to do with nothing.)

Holy Shit! It’s been awhile since I’ve had some time to do one of these! Things have just been so damn crazy lately.

I figured now would be a good time to shoot the shit with everyone seeing how most of us are locked up in our houses afraid of this invisible monster that’s taking everyone out. Yes, I’m talking about the coronavirus/COVID-19. I’m sure most of you are sick of hearing about it. I know that I am. It reminds me a lot of after 9/11 when everyone was glued to their TVs and afraid to go outside because we thought “terrorists” were everywhere and going to kill us.

This is kind of my one time to talk about everything. I know that I’ve been acting like nothing is going on outside of SNAPP Attack and gaming, but it’s all been on purpose. Like I said, I’m sure everyone is sick of hearing about the virus and I know that there are a lot of people stressed, nervous, and scared. So, I figured that I would keep SNAPP chugging along like nothing is wrong as a way to get everyone’s mind off of the real world.

The truth is, I’m just as stressed out and scared as everyone else. This shit is crazy! I’ve never seen anything like this in my (handsome) lifetime! We’ve just been locked down here in Michigan. I’ve got two young daughters that are out of school and wondering what the fuck is going on and my wife isn’t working due to everything. That leaves me trying to keep us afloat with SNAPP. (And you all know how ad revenue is.) I wasn’t planning on putting this in here, but if for some reason you aren’t affected by everything going on and can afford to help out, I’ll leave the Patreon and PayPal links below.

My main reason for today’s C&S was to let everyone know that we’re all in this together. I know, I know. That’s kind of an overhyped motto going on right now, but it’s true. This shit is affecting the entire world…..well, except for you damn Russians. You guys did things right it looks like. What really stresses me out is that we have no clue how long this thing is going to last. There’s so much misinformation going on. And the media definitely isn’t helping. We actually have people fighting over fucking toilet paper like animals because the media is making each case “breaking news”.

Bottom line, we’ve got to help each other out. We are all a family here at SNAPP. I know that there’s not a lot of us, but it’s a close community. And there’s enough of us to make at least a little bit of a difference. If you see one of our readers talking about having a hard time in our Discord or on social media, don’t be afraid to help them out if you can. Even if it’s something small like gifting them a game or a couple bucks via the App Store or eShop. Hell, even if it’s just lending them a virtual ear and letting them vent a little. A lot of SNAPP Family are out of work or are helping out loved ones that are sick due to this virus.

Unfortunately, it looks like it’s going to be a long road ahead of us. I’ll do my best to keep SNAPP Attack strictly gaming and sexy talk to keep everyone’s mind off of the bullshit. Remember, if there’s anything I personally can do to help out, don’t hesitate to shoot me an email or message. Like I said, we’ve got to take care of each other. So, stay healthy and wash those hands glitches! And as always, keep on swiping…..

NOEN (@hashtagNOEN)

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