SHAME of the Week: “Ravenge Robbie”

SHAME of the Week is exactly what it reads. The shaming of a game (not developer) for whatever reasons that may be. This could be anything from clones, quick cash-grabs, rip-offs, etc.

Unfortunately it’s that time again……

It’s been fairly quiet in the industry lately with us only being faced with the usual F2P hyper-casual games that flood the App Store. But, recently I’ve been noticing a huge uptick in full games being ripped off and actually being approved for the App Store. Sometimes they will be a game under a different name or they will have like one letter off in the original title. Like last week I ran across “Untittled Goose Game” and it was the actual game with a generic touchscreen UI. Luckily the game didn’t last too long before it was pulled. That’s usually not the case though. A lot of these games end up staying on the App Store for quite awhile.

Some of these games are done fairly well and don’t even have ads, but most of them are pretty crappy and are flooded with banners and pop-ups every few minutes. Some may think it’s cool because a lot of these games would never come to mobile, but it takes money away from the developers and honestly, it’s just another thing giving mobile games a bad name.

As an example, here’s two games that came out this week. One of them is called “Ravenge Of Sun Knight”, but it’s actually a Switch game called Aldred Knight of Honor. It plays really well, but unfortunately it’s a ripoff. The other one is called “Robbie Swifthand” and is actually the PC/Switch game, Robbie Swifthand and the Orb of Mysteries. This one plays and looks really bad.

So, please. Support the real indie developers of these games and support the hell out of SNAPP Attack for giving these games the SHAME of the Week!!

‎Robbie Swifthand
Price: Free

NOEN (@hashtagNOEN)

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