Sky High Golf!

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Editor’s Notes: I’d just like to thank Radiobush for having faith in us and being our very first sponsor here at SNAPP Attack. I’ve been watching Sky High Golf as it grew from a concept to a full blown game. I have to say that he did a hell of a job and I think that this is probably one of Radiobush’s best pieces of work to date. I’ve played quite a bit of Sky High Golf and can easily recommend it to any fan of casual games.

Sky High Golf is mini golf but you are playing in the sky! Can you shoot for the clouds? Will you take your golf game to new heights? Play For Free today?

Playing mini golf in the sky adds new challenges to the game because you will need to keep the ball on the platform. Sure there are some walls to bounce off, but it is the areas between this you will need to be careful of. Don’t Fall Off!

There are over 190 levels to play through. These levels are broken up into 4 different courses, Start Course, Long Course, Star Course and Village Course.

The Start Course:

Is an introduction to Sky High Golf. This course is setup in the short format, you will be challenged by rotating walls, moving walls, walls with switches, destructible floors and teleporters. Also watch out for the beautiful water hazards as you putt around them. The Start Course are fun and challenging, they will get you putting like a pro in no time!

The Long Course:

You will come across the same obstacles that you find in the Start Course, but this is played a long format version.The long format is that you can not see the golf hole and from the beginning of the course. You do however get a mini map that you will need to use to navigate the course. This is great for getting those max power shots down the green.

The Star Course:

The Star Course goes back to a short game format. There are still obstacles and you need to make the right shot to succeed. But with the Star Course the first thing you will notice is the hole has no flag. With the Star Course you need to hit all the star walls to activate the flag. The flag will appear in the hole after all the star walls have been hit, you need to choose the right shot!

The Village Course:

This is a long format game similar to the Long Course. However unlike the other courses the Village Course does not have any obstacles, it has different world scenes. You will putt through medieval times, shoot a golf hole on the ocean, play mini golf on the farm and play through a spooky Japanese world.

Sky High Golf is:

192 levels
4 different modes
Easy to play
As you see Sky High Golf is the biggest and best mini golf game! You need to play it today. From pros to fun loving gamers Sky High Golf is for every golfer and player! Play Free today!

NOEN (@hashtagNOEN)

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