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Juicy Realm is a roguelike shooter by SpaceCan that was released on the App Store under the X.D. Network umbrella. (Muse Dash/ To The Moon/ ICEY) The game is set in a world where plants have evolved into animal-like life forms and have become a threat to humans. Your job as humans is to find the enemy hive and defeat the vegetarian threat. Juicy Realm is an absolutely beautiful dual-stick shooter/roguelike with tons of polish. It’s a bit overwhelming at first due to everything packed into the game. There’s literally hundreds of weapons, mods, and other items that you need to find and get used to. The tutorial does a good job of getting you started, but the rest is up to you. Each run has you exploring your way through a randomly generated map while fighting off tons of baddies and collecting that sweet sweet loot. You can use the coins you find at stores in-game, but you lose it all if you die. Luckily, you can earn “seeds” by playing and these can be used for permanent upgrades. I’ve been having a blasty-blast with this game so far. I absolutely love the artwork and character designs. I feel comfortable putting Juicy Realm up there with the roguelike greats like Nuclear Throne and Enter The Gungeon. The game looks and plays great on both the iPhone and iPad. So, if you’re a fan of roguelikes or dual-stick shooters, Juicy Realm should be your main squeeze right now. (Ha. fruit pun.)

‎Juicy Realm
Price: $2.99

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