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I’ve been a fan of the MudRunner series for a couple years now. Mad Dog Games and Focus Interactive have done a great job with the franchise. Of course, I’ve always wanted a mobile version of the game so I could play on the go, but I never really expected it. MudRunners is hard to explain for those of you that haven’t played the series. It’s basically a trucking sim with a heavy focus on the terrain. It’s a slower paced game where you could spend 20 minutes playing and only get your vehicle 25 feet further than you were. But that’s the fun of it! As for MudRunner Mobile, I’ll say that the developer did an excellent job bringing it to the small screen. It’s not just a simple port. You could tell that Mad Dog built this version specifically for mobile. The UI is well done with just about everything at your fingertips. I’m glad to see that most of the original game is there and even one of the expansion packs that you can buy. Now, I will say that I was a bit disappointed in the visuals. They are fine enough, but I’ve seen better on some of the MudRunner clones on the App Store. For a game that’s all about mud, you can barely see it in the game! Other than that, I’ve been really impressed with the game. It’s a great introduction to the series if you have been debating on picking one of the console or PC versions. Just know ahead of time that it’s a very slow game with very little color. (A lot of greens and browns.) But, if you’re looking to get your mud on, MudRunner Mobile is definitely worth the asking price.

‎MudRunner Mobile
Price: $5.99+

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