5NAPP: Lefty-Righty Games!

(SNAPP 5 is not a “best of” compilation, but more of a list of just five great iOS games that have some kind of connection between them.)

There is a genre of fighting games that I like to call “Lefty-Righty” games. These are games that have your character in the middle of the screen as enemies come at you from the left and right side. There’s a bunch of them on the App Store, but only a handful of them have the coveted Seal of “SNAPProval”! So, here’s five iOS fighting games that’ll test your reflexes and teach you which of your thumbs is the dominant one!

‎Rush Fight
Price: Free+

‎Side Winder!
Price: Free+

‎Stick Fight 2
Price: Free+

NOEN (@hashtagNOEN)


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