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One Escape is a pixel art puzzle game that was recently released on the App Store by Bug Studio under the Crescent Moon umbrella. You play as 3 buddies that are hard on their luck and decide to rob a bank one day. Unfortunately, they were caught and sent to prison. The game starts as you try to make your grand escape from lockup. One Escape is basically 60 different puzzles. Each level is a different part of the prison you’re trying to get through. These usually involve dodging guards, finding key cards, and trying not to set alarms. The puzzles can be pretty tough at times, but I never felt completely stuck. One Escape luckily has 3 playable characters each with their own unique abilities. A new character is unlocked every 20 levels, which really helps with keeping things fresh. I’ve played through about 45 levels and so far I’ve been really digging it. The pixel art is well done and the levels are short enough to play while waiting in line somewhere, but still feel like there’s enough substance to keep you playing through in one sitting. I will say that the controls are a bit small on the iPad, but I played the majority of the game on the iPhone and had no issues. So, if you’re into retro-style games or like tricky puzzles, One Escape is definitely worth your money.

‎One Escape!
Price: $2.99

NOEN (@hashtagNOEN)

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