Mazeman is a retro-style arcade game by Beautiful Glitch that recently released on the App Store under the Crescent Moon publishing umbrella. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what this game is when trying to describe in words. The best way to put it is if Megaman and Ms Pacman had a one night stand after a long night of debauchery and unprotected cuddling, nine months later Mazeman would have been born. Mazeman is one of those games that held me close and forced me to love it the more that I played it. The first few levels are good, but if you hand in there the game really starts to open up. There are 23 different heroes each with their own unique play-styles. Levels drastically change depending on which character you are playing with. I will say that the game is very unforgiving at times. There were a few times that the game had me ready to throw my phone. Regardless, I’ve really enjoyed playing this game so far. Mazeman is charming as hell with a ton of stuff to unlock. If you haven’t picked this gem up yet, I highly recommend you do so.

Price: $2.99

NOEN (hashtagNOEN)

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