Echo Squadrons iOS SNAPP Review!

(SNAPP Reviews aren’t really full-fledged game reviews as much as they are just a way for us to give you a quick “heads-up” on whether a game is good or not. It usually means that we haven’t finished the game yet, but have played a good enough chunk to know if it’s worth your time or money.)

Echo Squadrons is a sci-fi shooter/defense style game by Frosty Rhino Games that was recently released on the App Store. You play as a commander of a powerful Starship Carrier as you defend and explore your way through the galaxy. I was pretty excited when I saw the screenshots of this one. On paper, this game looked great! The visuals are really cool looking and I love the idea behind it. Unfortunately, most of the game was ruined by a lack of onboarding or a decent tutorial. Believe me when I say that I played this game for well over 2 hours straight and I still have no clue what I’m doing. In the Story Mode, there are around 50 levels that consist of you getting from point A to point B in one piece. You can fire off some scout ships to look ahead or fighter ships to take on any enemies that might be in the way. Once the coast is clear, you return to the Starship and make your way out of the level. Of course, I’m just guessing that this is how the game is supposed to be played. I spent more time pressing buttons and trying to figure out what was going on than I did actually playing the game. I will say that there is a Training Mode, but it usually consists of a bunch of screenshots with arrows pointing to different things and actually had me more confused than I already was. Echo Squadrons could be a fun carrier-style game if it was a little more clear on what to do. Everything else seems solid. The visuals are well done, the controls aren’t too bad, and the overall theme is solid. Unfortunately, I can’t recommend this game until the onboarding is fixed and I can actually play a proper game.

Paul (@hashtagNOEN)

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