Shred 2 (ft Sam Pilgrim) iOS SNAPP Review!

(SNAPP Reviews aren’t really full-fledged game reviews as much as they are just a way for us to give you a quick “heads-up” on whether a game is good or not. It usually means that we haven’t finished the game yet, but have played a good enough chunk to know if it’s worth your time or money.)

Shred 2 (featuring Sam Pilgrim) is the sequel to the 2014 game with the same name. Those that haven’t played either game, Shred 2 is an isometric mountain biking game by Alex Johnson and David Faulkner of ASBO Interactive. The game has you taking control of professional mountain biker Sam Pilgrim as you make your way through 40 levels of hills, jumps, ramps, grinds, and more. The game works with a star system. Each level has five missions for you to complete. This is usually something like, “do a 360 over the creek” or passing the finish line in a certain time limit. Finishing missions earns you stars that’ll unlock new levels and bikes. Speaking of bikes. There are 10 different mountain bikes to unlock each with their own unique stats. I loved the original Shred game and this one is better in every way. That doesn’t mean the game is perfect by any means. The visuals are a little dated looking and the controls can take a little getting used to. Regardless, Shred 2 is an absolute gem if you’re into mountain biking games. You can get the paid version that was originally released 5 years ago or the F2P version that was just recently released on the App Store. I recommend the paid version, but you can’t lose either way.

Paul (@hashtagNOEN)

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