Par for the Dungeon iOS SNAPP Review!

(SNAPP Reviews aren’t really full-fledged game reviews as much as they are just a way for us to give you a quick “heads-up” on whether a game is good or not. It usually means that we haven’t finished the game yet, but have played a good enough chunk to know if it’s worth your time or money.)

Par for the Dungeon is a mini golf-ish adventure game that was recently released on the App Store by Sleeping Giant Games. In this game you play as Cal, a golf ball that’s just trying to get his dog back from the devious Bogeys. Par for the Dungeon’s core loop is similar to most mini-golf games. The main object is to get Cal (the ball) into the hole in as few strokes as possible. That’s basically where the similarities end. Each level is made up of 3 holes that are filled with obstacles, environmental hazards, enemies, you name it. Most holes cannot be cleared until all enemies are killed. This can be done by setting traps, hitting them with a weapon, or simply running into them. Everything seems simple on digital paper, but once you get past the first few courses, things start getting pretty tricky. Each hole is almost a puzzle that needs to be figured out. I found myself replaying a lot of levels over once I figured out the best way possible to clear a course. As you progress, you’ll earn experience and eventually level up, making Cal stronger to enemy attacks. I would’ve liked to have seen a little more depth in this area, but beggars can’t be choosers. Regardless, Par for the Dungeon is a highly polished game with charming visuals and some crazy level design. The slingshot mechanics work really well while playing on iPhone or iPad. If you’re looking for something totally unique, Par for the Dungeon is definitely worth checking out!

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