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Absolutely love the soundtrack to this trailer.

Horror games are really tough to do. Often they turn out to be campy or just so predictable that they aren’t scary at all. I’m happy to say that this game scares the shit out of me! Detention is an atmospheric horror game by indie developer, Red Candle Games. The game is heavily influenced by Taiwanese/East Asian culture based in the 1960’s Taiwan under martial law. You spend most of your time in a school while trying to uncover different stories. The controls are simple “Point & Click” style with just tapping on objects and on each side of the screen to move. There’s no voice acting, so everything is read through text. At first, I thought it was going to drag the game down. (I tend to lose concentration when there’s a lot of reading involved.) But, I was hooked the first five minutes. Detention is an absolute gem that plays with your mind. Every bit of this game feels like perfection. If you’re at all a fan of the horror genre, definitely pick this game up!

Price: $4.99

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