iOS Roundup! (December 9 to 15)

(The SNAPP Roundup is an ongoing daily article showcasing the noteworthy mobile games released on the App Store. Newly released iOS games are updated as soon as possible, so check back often.)

Goooooood morning/afternoon/evening or whenever the hell you are actually reading this! It’s a new release week on the App Store, so that means a brand spankin new SNAPP Roundup!

We had a really good week last week for new games on the App Store. Games like Birk’s Adventure, Space Grunts 2, Necrosphere, the list goes on. I’m guessing that everyone is trying to get their games out before the old “App Store Freeze” at the end of the year. So, things are probably going to be busy until then.

So, how about we get this party started? Here’s this week’s iOS Roundup!

Iron Conquest by IGG.COM

Black Desert Mobile by Pearl Abyss Corp.

Jumanji: Epic Run by Crazy Labs

Rima: The Story Begins by UP Entertainment Ltd.

Night Maze by Yvan Taurines

Call Me OverLord by Zhang Tengfei

Super Nio Run World by Tuan Nguyen

IntoSpace!: Arcade Game by Absolutist Ltd

Ghost’n Brothers 1-Bit by EMMANUEL ROUX


RIOT: NoTAV by Leonard Menchiari

The Clot Thickens Puzzle Game by Freedom! Family Limited

CubeWay by Kyung-Hun Kim

pilux by Mehmet Emin Genc

Mini Golf Clash Games by IDZ Digital Private Limited

Bug War: Strategy Game by Absolutist Ltd

Metro Inc. by Gleb Palchin

Photonic by Arman Barseghyan und Viktor Weimer

The Long Night Home by Emily Farias

Sticky Knives by Vladimir DelinSky

PLANAO.PLUS by Studio Unlicensed Game Ltee, Le

Chuckin Sauce by Jordan Crews

Band of Heroes IDLE RPG by Idiocracy, inc

Deck Heroes: Puzzle RPG by IGG.COM

Bacons On A Boat by Missile Circus Studios LLC

Run the Realm – Fitness Game by Livia Games LLC

Creepy Little Monsters by Jimmy Mole

APEX Racer by Twitchy Finger Ltd

Machinaero by Emoak

Cipher Set by Starmaps, LLC

Cell Scientists by Jose Roberto Ardila

Jump Dream by andrew bell

Two Spies by Royal Pixel Service

Old School Musical by Plug In Digital

Lumia Saga™ by FunPlus

Ringo The Frog by Alexey Mantsurov

Dungeon Dash -The Casual RPG- by Vitalify Asia VN

CANDY LAND: by PlayDate Digital

Cut & Zombie by Beacon Studio

BRIKO : Best Bricks Breaker by Com2uS Corp.

Picallo by Joshua Armer

Air Smash Air Hockey by Ki Tat Chung

Dodge if you can by Kim Yunhoo

Knights of Ages by Mysgame

Stampede Rampage: Zoo Escape by TokyoPlay

1-Jump by Sebastian Perez

Running Pixel! by Titus Smith

Destroy Gunners Σ by SHADE Inc.

The Red Tale by vincent marchetti

SIMULACRA 2 by Kaigan Games OÜ

Yuletide Legends by Artifex Mundi S.A.

Star Diffusion X by The Time Tunnel Limited

Clash Of Legion by wu jiang

Zombie Lord by good News 4 Me

Push Pegs by Steve Snyder

Push Peg Puzzles by Steve Snyder

Line Up : The new puzzle game by CR Media Creative Agency

Bootleggers: Illegal Farm by INGVAR COMPANY

Hotel Empire Tycoon-Idle Game by Digital Things

Castle Rivals – AR Board Game by Aleix Rafegas Farre

Perfect Bowling by Mad1 Games


Battle Bees Royale by Eastedge Studios, LLC

Reiner Knizia Yellow & Yangtze by Dire Wolf Digital

Tapia by Waz Craft

Mayor Madness by SolaGames

Cats are Liquid – ABP by Last Quarter Studios

Jungle Blast by Cog Studio Pty Ltd

Snowman Story by Daigo Sato

Niteline: Tower Defense by Arthur Bastos Fanck

Sushi Factory – Push Puzzle by UNIT5

BL0CK Loop by #App

Wake Up the Box: Physic puzzle by Absolutist Ltd

Battle Prime by BlitzTeam LLC

Dumb Ways to Dash! by Metro Trains Melbourne Pty Ltd

Whirly Wizard by Pedro Oliveira

Shooty Rabbit by Lixing Zheng

Wall Em Up by ZeMind Game Studio Ltd

Bunny maker(make bunny town) by HYUN LEE

Into The Dungeon: Tactical RPG by Crisp App Studio

MonsterTrader by Mitsuhiro Okada

Mr. Key by Aliaksandr Shelenhouski

Heroball Maze by Studio Megalo

Ylands by Bohemia Interactive a.s.

The Docker’sGame by Coordinadora Estatal de Trabajadores del Mar

Football Punch by Gosiha Pte. Ltd

Dustoff Z by Invictus

Infinite Graveyard by Mikhail Maksimov


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