Developer Spotlight: Valoware

Valoware is a two-person development studio out of the United Kingdom. The team consists of Charles Cross and Tom Ruki. Together they have created some of the most expansive RPGs that I’ve played on iOS. Their 9th Dawn series has been compared to a pixel art version of Skyrim. With almost infinite sized maps and deep customization, their games will steal hours away from you. Valoware is a studio that’s been around for awhile and even though they have a decent following, they are way underrated in my opinion.

So, congrats to Valoware on all the success so far. We see you hear at SNAPP and we thank you for the hours of entertainment and memories.

(Of course, this is SNAPP, so we’re only covering Valoware’s iOS games that are currently up to date on the App Store. RIP to the games that didn’t make it.)

‎9th Dawn II
Price: $1.99

‎Throne Quest
Price: $2.99

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