Dungeon of Weirdos iOS SNAPP REVIEW!

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Dungeon of Weirdos is an arcade roguelite game that recently released on the App Store by the team at ChillyRoom. The story goes that monsters from hell have taken away your dearest friend and have taken away all of her life energy. You need to go deep into the dungeons to collect energy balls and bring her back. Dungeon of Weirdos plays a lot like a game of Pac-Man where you are running around a map collecting energy balls and baddies chase you around. Once you collect all the orbs, you can drop down into the next dungeon. Maps are randomly generated and full of traps, power-ups, and a few surprises. I’ve been really enjoying this game the more I play and understand everything. The controls are pretty smooth with simple swipes or dragging your thumb around the screen. What I really like is how unpredictable the game is. It’s a simple concept, so the tutorial is brief. Everything else is a surprise. Dungeon of Weirdos is a game that everyone should be playing right now. There’s tons of secrets to find, bosses to fight, and things to collect. Throw it all together and add a bit of weirdness and you’ve got a really fun game.

‎Dungeon of Weirdos
Price: Free+

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