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Gun Rounds is a turn-based shooter that recently released on the App Store by indie developer, Tobin Hutt. This is the first I’ve heard of this developer and it’s safe to say that I’m already a fan. In Gun Rounds, you play as a little squishy person as they battle it out against waves of pixel art enemies. The gun fighting is turn-based with a unique blocking system that tests your reflexes. When a baddie attacks you, you can block the attack by tapping the screen at the right moment. It’s a nice little addition to the game, especially since turn-based games can be boring for some. Gun Rounds is an instant iOS classic in my (highly respected) opinion. The characters are charming and the gameplay is simple enough for anyone to pick up and play. There’s a fair amount of depth for the core gamers with collecting treasures, purchasing upgrades, and unlocking different color palettes. Gun Rounds is a blasty-blast to play and I honestly can’t recommend it enough. Do yourself a favor and put this game on your device now!

‎Gun Rounds
Price: $2.99

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