Cookies Must Die iOS SNAPP REVIEW!

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Cookies Must Die is the latest game to release on the App Store by developer, Rebel Twins. This time around, you play as a super secret agent named Jack. He’s been appointed by the government to stop a group of evil, mutant cookies before they destroy the city. The game plays like an action side-scroller. Jack is in constant movement as you tap the screen to stop time and aim him where you want him to go. It’s all about smashing enemies and stringing together combos. The controls may take a second to get used to, but once you get the hang of them, they are smooth as butter. The hand-drawn visuals are absolutely beautiful with really cool level designs. You can also earn coins that you can use to upgrade Jack, buy new weapons, and a bunch more. Cookies Must Die is another iOS gem by Rebel Twins. Do yourself a favor and download this game now!

‎Cookies Must Die
Price: Free+

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