Developer Spotlight: Four Fats

Four Fats is part of a merger of the old Mooff Games. (It’s basically Mooff V2.0) This small indie developer has created some of the most memorable games in the industry. Their hand drawn visuals and subtle nods to characters/games of the past have been their staple. You can tell it’s a Four Fats/Mooff project at first glance and that’s really hard to do nowadays. Their games are unique, hilarious at times, and most of all, fun to play.

So, congrats to Mooff/Four Fats on all the success so far. We see you here at SNAPP and thank you for all the entertainment you’ve given us!

(Of course, we’re only covering games currently up to date on the App Store. RIP to the ones that didn’t make it.)

‎Toon Shooters
Price: Free+

‎Dungeon Time
Price: $0.99

‎Smash Club
Price: Free+

‎Blackmoor 2
Price: Free+

‎Toon Shooters 2
Price: Free+

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